The 1MORE individual controller is quite inexpensive. They offer great clarity over the entire spectrum. If you listen to a lot of rock or metal, increase your budget and pack something like the M6 Pro. But if you like genres that require an emphasis on singing, you won’t go wrong with 1More. The quality of design and construction only makes a stronger cover for the inclusion of this.


1More is the OEM manufacturer who designed (and eventually manufactured) Xiaomi’s pistons and hybrid in-ear headphones. They have few models in their collection, but each helmet looks well thought out and functionally built. 1More even publishes impressive durability standards and tests on its website. The 1MORE 1M301 (also known as the 1MORE individual controller) seems to come from some kind of pedigree that at least resembles it. It was voted on by a Grammy Award winner, Luca Bignardi, “to provide an accurate representation of his favorite music,” the company said. Is it just exaggeration? Let’s find out.


Before we get into what’s below, let’s start with what catches the eye first. The 1MORE Single Driver is a helmet of exceptional beauty. Yes, I know that aesthetics is a subjective field, but I can’t help but admire the Design. The matter with a bronze machined finish, the cables covered with bright red fibers, even the translucent silicone tips with its bright red core -all this gives the 1more a premium look. And this beauty is also not profound, because the materials used are not half as bad. The headphones have an aluminum alloy cover, while the cable is enameled copper inside, wrapped around Kevlar fibers. The fiber is then covered with a layer of TPE on which there is a braided nylon coating.

The box in which the 1M301 is delivered radiates the same level of quality. It is compact and when you open the box you will be greeted with the headphones carefully wrapped around this soft rubber cutout enclosed in the upper transparent plastic matter. At first I thought that the elastic band around which the headphones were wrapped was a cable management tool. However, it turned out to be quite laborious to use it. In the end, I came to the conclusion that it was probably just to secure the headphones securely in the package, and not really a cable management tool. I quickly grasped by simply sticking the headphones directly into the material.


The acoustic reproduction of the 1more can be described as “clean” for lack of a better word. The 1MORE individual controller is surprisingly detailed. In Stereo Love, the subtle vocal echoes mixed to sweep from left to right are wonderfully perceptible (timestamp 02:11). The way it shone in You Crazy Diamond (Live) was closer to the kind of direct sound we saw in the more expensive RHA S500i: very detailed, but without robust sound. The 1More single controller works great for singing. Chris Rea’s singing in Call On seemed velvety and complete to me.

The sound, especially at concerts, could have been better. It started a little stagnant with heavy metal instrument tracks like Pull Me Under by Dream Theater. A bit of the upper m

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