The a-Jays Four+ is a worthy upgrade to your phone’s in-ear headphones, but it’s so much more than that. They are sturdy, stylish and have a decent sound. If you like a funny or entertaining presentation, you should do it. The a-Jays Four+ is colored on the brighter side. If you like a warmer and more full-bodied sound, you should look elsewhere.


The a-Jays Four Plus comes in the most elaborate packaging you’ve ever seen! It will remind you of those oval boxes that your dad’s old school perfumes used to come in. And yet, I can understand why so much love went into the box. You see, Jays is a Swedish company known for the production of minimalist but beautiful audio equipment. I remember his U-Jays over-the-ear headphones and he also paid the same attention to aesthetics. But is the skin of beauty deep? Not the slightest thing in the world. I would say that the a-Jays Four+ is a misunderstood device. Because of the kind of hipster appeal it seems to have, most audiophiles might be inclined to dismiss it as one of those unnecessary in-ear enhancements. I found that its sound quality was more than just an upgrade. But before going into details, let’s take a look at the appearance of the device.


Let’s start with the box. For such a large cardboard, you get very little inside. There is no carrying bag (gasp!). But you will get 5 different sizes of silicone tips. The headphones are quite nice. We have the white variant, and I must admit that they radiate a discreet chic appeal. The tangle-free flat cable is a little shorter than the standard cable, but it is absolutely tangle-free. In fact, it’s the tangle-free cable we’ve experienced, more so than the budget type of yesteryear, the Cowon EM1. The three-button remote is specially wired to be compatible with iOS or Android, depending on which version you choose, so choose carefully when buying it. In terms of build quality, the a-Jays Four Plus looks delicate. You could get away with just throwing them in your backpack without a suitmatter and you’ll be fine.


There’s not much to say when it comes to features – the a-Jays Four Plus is their basic ear garden variety. The performance bit needs to be solved. The presentation of the a-Jays Four+ is super aggressive. It’s like this beautiful deep U-shaped sound signature. Of course, the sound loses body, but the a-Jays more than make up for it with excellent performance on both ends, which produces well. Take our stereo EDM love track, for example. It didn’t seem as spacious as, for example, on the Brainwavz S3, but the muffled sound was precise and powerful. Everything will move and sew. The live performances sounded hollow and disembodied. Our Pink Floyd Live Shine On test strip from the Pulse tour sounded like some microphones on stage had been turned off accidentally. At the same time, tracks like Ed Sheran’s Shape of You sound crisp and detailed; even shimmery (I guess the mix was good for the a-Jays). The headset had one of the best microphones we’ve ever had, but the wired microphone was a problem (i.e. bumps and squats on the cable that create noise/vibration that travels all the way to the ear).


Impedance (ohms) – 16 Ω
Frequency range: 20-20kHz
Cable length (m) – 1.15 m
Weight (in grams) – 17g
Conductor diameter (mm) – 8.6 mm
Sensitivity: 96 dB/mW
Type (Balanced/Dynamic armature) – Dynamic


You get a beautiful pair of durable and stylish in-ear headphones. If we have one negative point that we would like to mention, it would be the absence of a carrying bag. The acoustic signature a-Jays Four+ is sure to appeal to rock fans. But if you are a bass fanatic, Brainwavs M2 is a better choice. Whether you like analytical or neutral sound, the RHA S500i and the Meaudio M6 Pro are always there. For a wider soundstage, Brainwavz S3 is the best choice.

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