If the bass beat is very important to you and there is no microphone, you can’t go wrong with the Brainwavz M2. If you want a similar overall performance, but with a microphone, you would do well with the 1plus driver alone. It is also affordable.


The Brainwavz M2 is not really a new beginning. It has long been a staple on any roundup/online list with the best ears in this price range. What is new, however, is that the company only “officially” launched it in India in October 2016. It was a favorite for a good reason. The entire M-series from Brainwavz offers an exceptional sound, each variant being individually adapted to all preferences.


Unlike the Brainwavz M1, which looks a little too simple, the Brainwavz M2 has some subtleties such as silver accents. The design is quite simple-sheathed cable with a Y-slot and no microphone. Therefore, the M2 makes it clear that these are intended for pure listening and do not serve as headphones for calls. By the way, the cable is similar to the one on the E10C. In the package you get your standard set of silicone tips in different sizes, as well as a sturdy (and roomy) hard shell.


The Brainwavz M2 is decidedly very serious. In fact, the bass is so accented that we gave it the title of “King of Bass” compared to some ears we tested recently. The m2 sound is very similar to the a-Jays Four+, but still slightly better, as our EDM tracks show. The rest of the spectrum is also reproduced quite accurately. Shine On you Crazy Diamond sounded spacious, but the bass tended to get overwhelming. That was the cover when Chris Rea called about me. The M2 is also very sensitive and will therefore sound very loud even at low input volume.

By the way, we also had the Brainwavz M1 lying around to check out the M2, and maybe it’s worth discussing the differences between the two. In terms of cable quality, they are both the same, but only more than you pay for the M2 gives you two things: firstly, a nicer pair of headphones, and secondly, a significant bump in the bass department.

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