The Digisol HR-1070mse is an upgrade compared to the old HR-1070ms in terms of compatibility with more LTE bands, however, the battery capacity has been reduced from 2800 mAh to 2000 mAh. The fact that the battery is now removable is a welcome change, but it would have been better not to reduce the capacity. We saw that the internal components of the device were quite well built, but the previous model had two UF/L antenna connectors, which this device no longer has. In addition, we would have liked to have seen the power and WPS buttons flush with the surface or, better yet, slightly pushed back to avoid accidentally pressing them. As for performance, the decision to change the modem and eliminate TDD uplink speeds does not bother the device. In general, the Digisol HR-1070mse is rich in features that make it compatible with all phone operators in the country, but the reduced battery capacity and bandwidth bottleneck seem painful. The huge price of Rs.4,500/ – it can certainly scare away customers like the Reliance jiofi 4G hotspot with its heavily subsidized price of Rs.1,999 is a more attractive purchase.


Reliance Jio’s disruptive strategies have created a huge demand for portable mi-Fi routers. Once a must-have for administrative workers, the Mi-Fi router has become much more ubiquitous. This is not the first Digisol 4G Wi-Fi router we found, last year we tested the HR-1070ms, a compact router with an OLED panel. It was a pretty polished device and with all the different phone service providers jumping on the 4G bandwagon, it was definitely time to upgrade. The Digisol HR-1070mse is a small upgrade from its predecessor in some respects and not in other respects. Let’s take a look at what it is.

Functions and graphical interface

With the HR-1070mse, it now supports LTE bands 3, 38 and 40 outside of UMTS and GSM 900/1800 MHz. So, it is practically covered by every phone service provider in the country. However, we note that the uplink data rates for TDD/LTE have decreased compared to the HR-1070ms, which affects Indian customers, as you will see after in the performance tests. Reliance Jio uses the TDD band, and if you use a jio SIM card with the Digisol HR-1070mse, your uplink speeds will be blocked. As for the downlink speeds, there should be no problems.

Logging in and logging into the web INTERFACE is very simple, but the user interface design is not optimized for mobile devices. You have to scroll down to the page to access the web UI pages, which gets a bit bulky. However, you only need to log in to the UI once in a blue moon, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. All that is needed to solve this problem is for different windows to be configured in the CSS, which is really easy to do. The interface has many features that allow you to not only filter traffic, but also limit the clients that can join. Simply put, it has the user interface of an inexpensive wireless router.

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