The Flipkart SmartBuy VBT10W1 is a mixed bag. It offers a good sound balance and impresses with the mid-frequency performance, but loses clarity in the bass and treble. It also produces audible distortion at the highest volumes, which is not too loud. It offers a good durable build quality and even looks good, but it loses battery life and connectivity.

It is recommended for those who are looking for a robust speaker, which produces decent audio quality, although with some noticeable disadvantages.


Wireless portable speakers are now essential accessories and offer significant improvements over native smartphone speakers in slim and mobile sizes. It’s no wonder that the affordable portable speaker segment is attracting the most interest, because most buyers are looking for rugged speakers that sound good, fit anywhere, and don’t burn a hole in their pocket.

To tick all these boxes, the e-commerce giant Flipkart has introduced the VBT10W1 portable wireless speaker in its own range of smartbuy devices. The Flipkart SmartBuy VBT10W1 is impressive enough at first glance to compete with Amazon’s own range of devices, dubbed AmazonBasics. But what is he like as a long-term daily companion?

Audio Performance

The Flipkart SmartBuy VBT10W1 isn’t surprisingly impressive, but it’s not a repellent either. It produces a net power of 10W and works with two active speakers and a passive radiator to create basslines. It requires a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz (the auditory range of human ears) and an impedance of 4 ohms.

These specifications are quite impressive, as the low impedance is perfect for low-power audio sources, such as smartphones, and a rated power of 10 W combined with a frequency response that covers the entire sound range.

After using it as a reference speaker for more than two weeks, we have mixed opinions about the Flipkart SmartBuy VBT10W1. First of all, the speaker produces a good balance of sound and produces decent basslines, combined with a decent vocal emphasis and clear treble. The low frequencies are not detailed and sometimes sound a bit confusing, especially as the bass gets deeper. The “dirty” basses, covered with grunge patches or synthetically processed vibrations, as heard in most EDM compositions, sound a bit messy and lack the clarity and definition that competitors with similar prices to those of the Logitech X100 produce.

However, despite the lack of detail in the treble, the low frequencies are well balanced. They sound smooth and well calibrated for the rest of the frequency range, which contributes to the overall balance of the audio. The highlight of the Flipkart SmartBuy VBT10W1 is its medium frequency performance, which offers good voice performance. There is good clarity, although the dynamic range of the media is quite limited compared to JBL Go, which slightly softens the voices. There’s an innate lack of sharpness to the audio, but the VBT10W1 maintains its calm in various vocal pitches and tones, from Roger Daltrey’s energetic high octaves to Geoff Tate’s mellow baritones.

The summits are not very detailed, but they are well expressed in terms of overall performance. You get well-composed sounds, but the lack of details can put you off if you’re a fan of floating solos and Charleston fast roles. All the audio seems to be pretty well composed and delivered well, but the speakers put too much pressure on the controller, which leads to noticeable distortion at the highest volumes. The SmartBuy VBT10W1 works best if you limit the volume levels at least two stops below the top where there is no distortion, but this creates another problem.

Contrary to what the specifications suggest, the Flipkart SmartBuy VBT10W1 is not very noisy. It’s loud enough to make a decent sound in an enclosed space with about five people adding ambient noise, but its closest competitors, Logitech X100 and JBL Go, produce higher volumes. The best aspect of the Flipkart SmartBuy VBT10W1 is its overall audio balance, which is undoubtedly among the best for its price. It also plays with a warm tint, which gives the audio performances a salty character, which is impressive for this category.

It also benefits from a built-in microphone that allows you to answer calls. This adds more features to it and makes it more functional than other similar portable Bluetooth speakers. The voice quality of the call is decently clear and the voice reception shows tension when it is more than one meter away.

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