The LG G6 is a decent flagship with a functional design and a good camera. It really is a suitable phone in terms of star products. The only problem is that flagships should be more than enough. It doesn’t hold a candle to the Galaxy S8, but we were excited about what the LG V30 will be (if there is a V30 at all).


While reviewing the LG G6, I was wondering how I could do this without mentioning the disastrous LG G5 (review). The LG G6 is a completely new phone and, apart from the name, it has nothing to do with its predecessor. It’s the second of the two flagships of 2017 that India has so far, and there are things about this phone that scream “old school veteran”.

This is not to say that the LG G6 has nothing new, but it is a functional approach to flagship smartphones instead of flashy, over-the-top features and flashy designs. To be fair, this has always been LG’s approach to smartphones, but this time it’s a little better than the last one. That is, and after the G5 was not mentioned, the LG G6 is doing it.

Building and Designing

I’ve always been a fan of LG’s unorthodox but functional approach to designing phones. The LG G4 (review) had leather in the middle of a sea of metal devices, while the LG G3 (review) proved that 5.5-inch screens can still be used on compact phones. The LG G5 was a bitter setback, but it was still a more “bold” approach than a headphone jack that was not found.

With the LG G6, the company accepts the industry standards and does everything possible respecting its philosophies. There is a glass back that can slip when your hands get sweaty. A metal frame surrounds the phone, giving it a feeling of robustness. As with the Samsung Galaxy S8 (review), the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 can break on the back of the LG G6, but its metal frame provides a better grip than the competing glass design.

The phone and its screen have rounded corners, which creates a slightly different facade than we are used to. With the big and narrow form factor, it’s hard to overlook the LG G6. It will not be a turn of the head, but it will not be lost in the sea of smartphones with a similar design either.

Although we are dealing with this problem, it should be noted that the large and narrow form factor also supports one-handed operation. I must say that the Samsung Galaxy S8 seemed even more compact, but in combination with a good grip, the LG G6 feels less insecure (although it’s really not that). I feel much more comfortable with this phone without a matter than with the S8.

The dual camera module is located on the back and is very similar to that of the G5. Below is the fingerprint sensor home button, while the SIM card slot and volume control are located on both sides.

In general, the LG G6 is not the phone you would buy to show it off. It has a sober design, but it will impress smartphone purists. To top it off, it also has IP68 certification.

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